The Artist Sergey Tsyganov about himself

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Sergey Tsyganov
Address for mail: "Initiative" Center

54 Yubileynyi Avenue,
Reutov Moscow Region
143969 Russia

Mobile phone 8 903 263 96 60
I was born on 10th February 1958 in Reutov, Moscow Region. My career of an artist has started since 1977 when I took part at my first exhibition of the USSR Artist Union (which was called “Scenery of Moscow Suburbs”.
After graduating from the Lenin State Pedagogical Institute (recently the State Pedagogical University) in 1982 I led the Art Studio at the Pioneer House of Reutov and afterwards I lectured on Drawing and Painting at the Lenin State Pedagogical Institute of Moscow.
After that in 1985 I was taken on as an artist at the Artistic Workshop of the Art Enterprise, Khimki, Moscow Region.
In 1990 I became a member of the Artist Union of the USSR.
A remarkable event took place in 1992 when by request of the International Memorial Rerich Trust under support of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Russian Embassy in India I was invited as an artist-expert to go on an expedition to Rerich’s House in the Himalaya (Kulu valley).
Then I became a member of the Artist Union of Russia and a member of the International Association of Arts, Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Art, IAA UNESCO.
I was a participant of All-Russian Republican and International Exhibitions from 1985 till 2006.
 My paintings are presented at Russian museums and abroad, as well. I also took part on group and personal shows of works of art such as the Central Artists House (Moscow), the Central House of Moscow Journalists, the Korean Cultural Centre of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Moscow, the Academy of Internal Affairs (Moscow), the Russian Artist Union of the Moscow Region Department. My works are represented in the USA, Germany, Spain and Japan. Several paintings are in private collections in the Republic of Korea.
My works can be found at the following museums and picture galleries such as the Picture  Gallery “Social Arts” (Moscow), the Central Artist’s House (Moscow), the Reutov Museum of Regional Studies (Moscow Region), the Reutov Municipal Picture Gallery, the Shekhovskaya Gallery, the Gallery “Fisherman’s Harbor”(Otaru, Japan), the Picture Gallery “Modern-Art Gallery in Saragossa (Spain), the Picture Gallery “Medica” (Pleno, Dallas suburbs, Texas, USA) the Salon “Black Sea” (New –York, USA), the Picture Gallery “Image Gallery” (Amherst, Massachusetts, USA), the Russian  Embassy in Delhi, India.
In 1995 I became a member of the International Art Fund.
In 1995 the  studio “Lad-Gallery” on the RTR channel shot a documentary film “The Sun in Each Picture”, the first night of which was shown on 11 September 1995 (on the RTR channel).This film regularly shown on the channel “Culture” demonstrates creative work of the artist who sticks to the tradition of Russian school of art.
 At the time when the Personal exhibition was going on in Pleno, Dallas outskirts, Texas, USA, a number of television broadcasts about my creative work was being shown on the 8th channel. Besides, there were about 200 publications in newspapers, albums, magazines both in Russia and abroad. One of the latest publications is in the Illustrated Art Encyclopedia (Moscow, 2002).
In 1996 as a person devoted to my native town I took part (as its first director) in the opening the Municipal Picture Gallery which was built by my own project and the support of the local authorities.
Later from 18 December 1998 I worked as Chairman of the Moscow Region Young Artists Organization of the Artist Union of the Russian Federation.
On 8 December 1998 I was awarded the title of a laureate of the Association Art of the People of the World for enormous contribution to development of Art.
In 2001 I became an associate professor of the Art faculty, Art, Painting and Design department of the Stolichny Humanities Institute.
 On 29 October 2001 I got a Letter of Thanks from the Youth Affairs Committee of Moscow Region for “Personal Contribution to Preparation and Holding of the V Moscow Region Exhibition of Young Artists”
In 2002 I was awarded a medal “For Achievements in Culture” by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
On 24 September 2003 I was awarded the title of “Honoured Worker of Culture of Moscow Region”.
In 2004 I became an associate professor of the Drawing, Painting and Sculpture department of the Design faculty of Moscow State University of Technology and Management.
In 2004 I worked as a professor of the Institute of Business Career (Moscow).
In 2004 I was awarded a medal “For Charity” by the Charitable Fund “Patrons of the Century”.
In 2006 as an author I published my Learner’s Guide “Theory of the Drawing and Painting for the Institute of Business Career”, Moscow. 
Besides I got an art school in Reutov where I create works of art and give a master class for young artists.
Since 2007 I have worked as a professor in Drawing, Painting and Composition at the Descriptive Geometry, Computer Graphics and Design of the Art Graphic faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical University.
On 29 of September 2008 the President of the Russian Federation Mr. D.A. Medvedev signed the order to give the title of the “Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation”
In 2009 I became a member of the Art Commission of MOOOCX (Moscow Region Social Organization of the Artist Union of Russia).
In 2009 there was an Exhibition “ Tsyganovy: Father and Daughter” at the Korean Cultural Centre of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.